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Changing Lives the Write Way

A 10- month journey in digging deep to expose the mental blocks that have kept you from writing and publishing your book and becoming the author you are destined to be. If you’ve promised yourself for years that you’re finally going to write your book, but year after year, you find yourself making the same promise over and over again, that one day you’ll finally reveal your story… But - for some reason, you hit a block every time…. then Changing Lives the Write Way is for you. There’s a story inside of you that you know you’re supposed to tell, here’s your moment.

Now it’s your turn! How do I know?

Because you’re here right now. You understand to fulfill your dream of becoming an author you have to do things differently than before. You, like me, finally understand that your dreams are worth it! And you deserve... … to give yourself the title of published author ….to choose a favorite pen that you’ll use to sign the books of your new readers. ….and gain the confidence in knowing that this is just one of many goals you’ll meet in your lifetime.  


What can you gain from Changing Lives the Write Way?


This is a 10-month fully supported program that will help you to remove the mental blocks that are stopping you from writing your book.


  • You’ll get one-on-one coaching that will help develop you as a writer.

  • You’ll get weekly check-ins to make sure you’re staying on track to reaching your goal. When it comes to doing something new, having an accountability partner makes all the difference in the world. I

  • GUIDED LESSONS IN WRITING -Weekly modules including videos and worksheets. -Access to Lorna’s private resources that will assist you while writing and self-editing your work. -

  • Access to Lorna’s original manuscript with editing notes included. -Access to samples of everything from how to create believable characters to how to develop a plot that makes your readers crave more.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY - Bi-weekly check-in emails from Lorna.

  • Access to Lorna through a private Facebook group for members of the program only. -Networking and bouncing ideas from other motivated members. ONE-ON-ONE SUPPORT -

  • Email access to Lorna throughout the program. -Monthly Q & A Sessions to address any issues you may have and need to address.

  • YOU ALSO GET -Up to 3 bonus promotional flyers. -Tips on how to brand yourself as an author & tips on marketing your book to the right audience

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